Our Services

Established in 1968, with our headquarters in Hong Kong, we work with a network of offices, agents and clients in all corners of the globe. We have over the years established excellent relations with our manufacturers in China, Taiwan and South-east Asia. We are in a position to offer you good quality products at the most competitive prices.

Some salient features of our business and services:

  • Gift Items and Promotional Products: A newly added service to our existing scope of services, in addition to sourcing, we offer branding your products with your logo and identity. For more details, please contact via info@ewclchina.com

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  • We can act as your buying agents for your China orders, establish Letters of Credit on your behalf in favor of the factory . We can pay deposits to the factory on your behalf . We can arrange full payment to factory before shipment on your behalf . We offer you easy payment terms, which has instilled a sense of confidence in our services. We encourage you to contact with your Account Executive to check for more details about the payments terms as each payment plan is “ tailor-made “ to suit each individual client’s need.
  • We can act as your agent for inspection and quality control, and we can do everything necessary to effect the shipments to you.
  • We rely on the rich information resources of domestic China manufacturers and professional attitude to serve international merchants.
    We offer services such as product information collecting, price contrasting, factory inspection, purchase order tracking, quality testing, shipping, arranging transportation, clearance of goods from China when needed, commodity inspecting, storage and transportation, tax rebating, Accounting, HR outsourcing and other services.
  • We are not traditional trade company. We do not sell you our products, we sell you a service. You choose the product that you need to import from China and we use our resources , expertise , experience in China to bring that product to you at the most competitive prices and the fastest of times to ensure the quality you buy is the merchandise you receive.
  • We are a provider of all kind of service FOR YOUR business with China. We are your representative in China without the burden of having an office. Over the years we have been called as agent , broker , representative , Exporter , Export Company, Trading Company. We work efficiently, in your time zone.
  • We manage 7 offices covered most of China, such as Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Xiamen.
  • We work with a team of experienced Quality Control Inspectors to inspect and check all kinds of products ranging from – SOFT GOODS, such as garments, bags, blankets…. – HARD GOODS, such as kitchenware, table ware, furniture, stationary, ceramics…. – ELECTRONIC & ELECTRIC PRODUCTS, such as household appliance, coffee maker, DVD….. – For seasonal goods such as Christmas Lights, Umbrellas, Fans, etc. we are able to combine the orders from our different customers from different world markets to get the most competitive price for you. We place our orders to factory in volume, and we don’t restrict ourselves to buying from any one factory, because the quality is standardized, closely monitored and under control.
  • We offer a very competitive commission / agent’s fee. In some instances we are able to offer better prices than what the factory may offer you because of our long standing relationship with the factory, and because of our volume quantity.
  • We can provided a closer service to you, with the detailed reports, many photos, communication on site inspection, and working with your supplier to solve the quality problem. We can work with your supplier in their language to ensure they understand your needs.

We act as a all-in-one, one stop shop provider of trading services by taking care of the following aspects:

1- your interest to buy the right commodity at the right price by studying samples before we send out

2- understanding your needs and your client’s needs

3- your finances

4- your production dates

5- your quality requirements

6- your shipment

7- and in the end, your profitability

To know more about our service, please get in touch with our sales representative in your country or send us your enquiry at enquiry@ewclchina.com Product Catalog Our Services