Product Categories

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At EWCL, we continue to research and offer innovative, trendy consumer products to our clientele.

Some of our product categories and range of products is listed below:

Audio – Mp4, Mp3, cd players, boom boxes, speakers, speaker docks for iphone, dvd headrest, speaker boxes, earphones, radios, universal remote control

Car accessories – Floor jacks, wiper blades, car viper, car sun shades, air compressors…..

Electrical goods – Fans, heaters, telephones, TV, vaccuum cleaner…..

Electronics – Androids, tablet pc…..

Hardware – Ladders, hammers, paintfast….

Health & Fitness – Minibike, fit massager, treadmill, Ab coaster, total flex, foot spa, abstorm, air bed, inflatable bed. Massagers of various types: chi massager, foot spa, palm percussion, relax & tone, vybro shape…..

Household– Cookware sets, knife sets…..

Home appliances – Pizza pans, sandwich makers, portable grill, blenders, bowl sets, coffee makers, water dispensers, mini refrigerator….

Footware – Crocs (no brand), indoor slippers….

Office appliances – Coin counter, money counter, money detector, strong bonding glue, 7″ tablet….

To learn more about our product range and / or to discuss possibilities of exploring new ideas and innovations, please contact us via the Enquiry Form.  Our customer service representative will be in contact soon.